CARBONAL represents the latest technological advances in carbon-fiber bicycle rim & wheel performance products. Engineered from the trail up to be lighter, stronger, faster and more aerodynamic.


Production technology:
After 9 years of hard working on carbon rims, we finally learn what are important in this work, and we will never stop learning.


  • Resin TG255 carbon clincher. TG255 is our special developed formula. Over the last 2 years, more than 20,000 rims sold all over the world, ZERO overheating report.

    How: when heating reaches 200 degree, our resin remains 79% solidness. When heating up to 230 degree as what most of you can achieve when descending, our resin can still keep 64% solidness.

  • Since the rim doesn't have over heating issue, we suggest to use 3K twill brake track. When working with our special pad, you can get the best brake power both on dry and wet conditions.

  • Accurate dimensions. 

            1. Accurate OD + ETRTO = perfect tubeless sealing + easy tire mounting.


2. Amazing flatness and roundness after molding, make sure our rim is born good.


  • Still great flatness after pumping at high presure, and check clincher bead stength when getting max pressure on the tire.


  • Weight balance test on every rim to make sure you can still feel comfortable and have good control when you ride faster.


  • One Piece Molding. A rim is made by one piece long carbon fiber, no wrinkles, to make the strength of rim is the strongest, perfectly symmetrical and evenly rolled.
  • High TG Epoxy Resin. High TG epoxy resin 255° be used to make rim is good enough at high temperature heating on the wheels during braking, resulting no heating problem during last two years since 255TG rims were launched.


  • Double Triangle Design. The bead seat interface is created for the tire bead based on the structural advantages of a triangle to increase the strength and ability of the rim to withstand impact, and also ensures the stability of the rim sidewall under hard braking while delivering excellent strength-to-weight performance.


  • Super Lightweight Tec. The pursuit of super lightweight, continuous development and improvement, along with our industry-leading technologies and Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber materials, we are able to create rims that are optimized to deliver extremely light weights.


  • Smooth Wall Tec. No folded prepreg during curing, smooth both inside and outside rim wall to reduce potential quality issues.


  • Carbon Strip Reinforcement. Use unique carbon strip to strengthen the spoke tension and stabilize rim structure and reduce the rim weight.


  • Impact Resistant Construction. Carbon rims feature a layer of composite material that increases the impact strength and helps distribute energy and shock from impacts to the rim.


  • Angled Holes. Angled holes allows the nipple to pull straight in line with the spoke for reduced stress. This results in fewer broken spokes and nipples.


  • Hookless Rim Bead. Hookless rim bead more straight and smooth side walls, tire can touch rim walls fully. More durable and impact resistance compared to the traditional hooks rim.


  • Tubeless Ready. Beadlock design makes the rims better tubeless tire setup and better sealing, results a more lightweight carbon wheels.


Testing process

- 2018-05-18 -


Carbonal Rim Test

(Refer to JIS-D9421-2009 & CARBONAL/CarbonKing factory standard)


Lateral Stiffness Test

Positive Stiffness Test

Wheel-set Lateral Stiffness Test

Positive Ultimate Loading Test


Spoke Tension Test

UCI Impact Test


2,000 km Riding Test

Brake Test



Carbon rim & wheel OE project.


As a carbon fiber composite product based manufacturer, we focus on OEM & ODM carbon rims & wheels.


With more than 20 years of carbon composite application experiences, we assist customers to realize their design and manufacturing needs, offering OEM factory carbon rims, OEM painting design and mold design service.

With R&D team of 21 expert engineers and 270+ workers, we are able to assist you with development of your product as well as quality testing and manufacture. We provide high quality products, do all our in-house testing in our own lab. We meet or exceed numerous national and quality standards, and quality certificates to ensure our customers’ interests.


Please contact us:

Quality Control

To be sure, you need a complete qc system for the quality of every hand-made product. bar code on each rim for work our own erp can do this job.

  • check for upcoming materials. you need a good carbon fiber prepreg with the correct weight, fiber grade, resin, thickness and even packaging.
  • check cropped prepreg size. every employee will receive exactly the amount they receive every day.

  • check weight, size, number of holes and code after lamination.

  • check the forming tools before they are formed.

  • check rim quality, dimensioning and appearance after forming.

  • Check that there are no residues inside the rim, improve hole drilling, roundness and flatness after machining.

  • check flatness, smoothness and dimensioning after grinding.

  • check the rim after painting.

  • check the decals because it shows your brand.

  • all items with a value of 30 qc for one rim are registered.

  • qc data not only informs that rim is ok or ng, but also informs what is happening in our production line. data is our great treasure.