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Development & Design

            You need a lot of work to make a good rim.

  • Design is everything. You know better at racing and market. So just send us your rim profile design and your own test requirement, and we can make it happen. And most importantly, both of us need to know our competitor very well, so we can do better!
  • We design the mold construction and structure/lay-up for your rim.
  • We always check every tool of the mold before molding to make sure accurary, solidness and enduro.
  • Carbon fiber prepreg, long strips.

  • Small pieces designed for nipple hole reinforcement.

  • Place carbon fiber on mold directly.

  • Now a carbon rim is born!

  • Use hubs and spokes to build the rim into a wheel with super high tension. Test the stength, check hole angles accuracy and have UCI impact testing.

  • Mount with different tires to check tire fitting and tubeless setting.
  • To make sure the correct internal layups, we cut and burn the rim for analyzing.

  • We are MORE than the above. Come and check it out!




- 2012-05-18 -

Bicycle carbon rim production process

  1. Carbon fiber material and air bladders incoming, we use Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber material, and a special material air bladders which produces smoother rim walls;
  2. Applying DSC tester to inspect physical properties;
  3. Storing in a refrigerating equipment (-5°C) to maintain the activity of resin;
  4. Prepreg cutting, cutting to desired angles and shapes;
  5. Precise layup & pre-modling, each rim carries its own layup schedule documents which are meticulously by experienced layup workers;
  6. Hot press molding, PC hydraulic molding machines with pressure temperature and time control;
  7. Raw finish rim quality control (QC-1);
  8. Remove the air bladders through the valve hole with a unique process;
  9. Drilling holes in 4D-direction using PC controlled drilling machine;
  10. Quality control (QC-2), check and test;
  11. Smoothing, surface treated by experienced workers;
  12. Painting and decalcomania;
  13. Quality inspection (QC-3), 100% quality inspection and record in database, each carbon rim is given a unique ID number;
  14. Packing, each carbon rim is packed in a tailor-made foam bag;
  15. Delivery.


Dacal & painting

- 2018-05-09 -

Decals and painting.

Carbonal offers customized decal and painting on the carbon rim according to your request, gives a unique look to the wheel.


Graphic design. For custom graphic on rim, please let us know what you like or email us a picture or a rough draft, our designer will help you to finish the graphic.

Decaling. Custom graphics / decals are applied on carbon rim and then covered with a glossy or matte clear coat, this makes the decal more durable, but they are not removable.


Warranty Policy

01/02/2019 (updated)

Warranty policy:


coal conducts very strict quality control before shipping to our customers around the world. we support our products with the following products Warranty:

1. carbonal guarantees that its carbon wheel (from January 1, 2018) will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years after the original date of purchase. this warranty applies only to the original owner and cannot be transferred. A valid proof of purchase, defect pictures and product serial number are required for complaint. keep proof of purchase for future warranty claims.

2. If there is a manufacturing defect 45 days, carbonal is required to replace the product as well as pay the shipping cost. if the production defect occurs within 46 days to 60 months, carbonate is obliged to replace the products. the customer will be responsible for shipping costs.

this warranty does not cover:
1. normal wear and tear;
2. any damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, abuse or other causes causing a breach of law;
3. improper installation, maintenance or maintenance by an unauthorized technician.

failure replacement policy:

We understand that accidents and damages can happen (regardless of whether the damage was your fault or not), if you are unlucky, carbonal supports you by offering a replacement product with a 15% promotional product price for a maximum of 2 years after the original buying. the customer would be responsible for shipping costs.


1.3 million civil liability insurance worldwide: